Esme had a relatively good day yesterday, little nausea and no vomiting. Yay! Her MTX level came back at 0.15, a level of 0.10 would have sent us home. Fluids will remain running at the same rate and we’ll check again today. I believe the magic number for today is 0.08.

Esme only has 2 small issues – the first being a sore throat. Her throat is red and raw and it’s hard to tell if it is from all of the throwing up a couple days ago or if it’s mucositis, one of the side effects of the MTX. I’m kinda leaning towards the MTX being the cause, I would have thought if it was due to vomiting that it would have healed a bit yesterday. We’re trying to really make sure her mouth stays clean – frequent brushing and using her Biotene 4 times a day. Ice and freezer pops help out as well. The other issue is redness on her feet on toes. Another side effect of the MTX. It hurts to walk, so our laps around the nurse’s station have not happened. Occasional ice packs seem to relieve the pain a bit, but hopefully it will resolve soon.

Esme’s appetite comes and goes, but mostly goes. It’s almost impossible to get her to eat anything in the mornings and afternoons, but she gets a bit of an appetite later in the evening. You can ask her if she wants any of her favorite foods – the answer is always no. She seems to crave a certain food and not deviate from that food (remember a couple weeks ago it was Four Cheese Cheez-Its and Dr. Pepper). The latest ‘food of the hour’ is Chef Boyardee pastas, specifically ravioli and beefaroni. Luckily there is a Target close by and they stock the single serving microwave containers, so that makes making her a quick meal easy.

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