Esme slept off and on all night. This morning she woke up with a little nosebleed. After about 5 minutes it was taken care of. Her labs from last night came back and are still showing critically low values for white blood cells and platelets. She did get a shot of GCSF (Granulocyte colony stimulating factor – a med that stimulates the bone marrow to produce granulocytes and stem cells and release them into the blood stream), so hopefully her counts will be rebounding soon. With her platelets being so low she required an infusion of platelets.

After the platelet infusion was complete, Esme got a drawing pad and started drawing the ‘Gurgler of the Drain.’ Our drain occasionally makes a gurgling sound so we decided there was a friendly monster who lived in the drain that made the gurgling sound. I noticed after a few minutes that she was scratching a lot. I looked at her skin and she was broken out and very itchy. We informed the nurse who came in and looked and returned quickly with some IV Benadryl. After the Benadryl was pushed, we could immediately see Esme’s eyes getting tired. As of now she is sleeping soundly.

Hopefully she will be ready to get up at 2:30, the therapy ‘Healing Horse’ will be here in the garden area and she does not want to miss that! Pictures to follow…

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