Chemo seems to be working

The days since the hair party have been a little better for Esme. She did throw up a few times but the constant nausea seems to be decreasing a bit. We keep trying to get her to eat more but she still doesn’t have a huge appetite. We get her blood drawn tomorrow to see how her counts are, hopefully her immune system is still able to defend her body from infection. We have heard from other parents who have had kids get the same chemo that fever sets in at about 12 days after doxo/cisplatin. Sometimes it would result in hospitalization. Twelve days for Esme will be this Wednesday. We know that all kids are different and respond to the medications in different ways, and hopefully fever and infection will not come our way.

We did have a bit of a scare yesterday. Since her chemo, we’ve noticed that her arm and shoulder have gotten increasingly larger. Yesterday Esme said she was having a hard time moving her shoulder at all. It was even larger and there were visible blood vessels at the surface of the skin. We decided to call the on-call doctor. He called us back quickly and told us not to panic. It seems that as the chemo is killing the tumor, it bleeds and causes swelling. As you can see in the photo, it really seems to be working! The left photo is December 25th, the right is January 4th.

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