Esme is wrapping up another chemo admission like a champ! We will go home tonight as long as her methotrexate level is low enough. We got here Wednesday, spent the morning in an orthopedic office discussing “pancakes” (our family code word for surgery because Esme doesn’t like the sound of the word surgery!), and then it was off to Solid Tumor Clinic to check her labs so she could be admitted for her methotrexate.

She only vomited a few times right after the infusion – and sadly lost some really yummy salmon from Marlows to the barf bucket! šŸ™ She’s really not much of an eater during chemo, but Mamo and Opa came to the rescue MANY times, fulfilling all of Esme’s requests for what she did want. It’s good to have grandparents who love you! šŸ™‚

Esme also had a repeat echocardiogram during this admission to see how her heart was holding up to the doxorubicin. The echo showed no significant changes from her baseline echo. This is good news, but we will continue to keep a close eye on this. It really worries us because we have read about a couple other kids who have made it through chemo and surgery only to end up with congestive heart failure.

Egleston has it’s own radio studio and had some special visitors this week – Fifth Harmony from the X Factor. Esme got to meet them and get autographs! It was nice of them to stop by and see the kids.

She surprised me this admission by showing me how much she REALLY hates getting her central line flushed. She chose to have her blood drawn from her arm daily for her methotrexate level checks instead of being flushed to have the blood taken from her line without any extra needle sticks! She doesn’t cry or flinch and truly prefers having a needle stick to the vomit inducing saline flush smell/taste. Wow!

It seems that Esme’s worst side effect from the methotrexate is skin blistering and then sloughing from her feet and hands. The first couple of rounds she complained of a little pain, developed some redness on the bottom of her toes, heels, and on the tips of her fingers. These blistered up and peeled off when we got home but wasn’t too bad. This time, she is really hurting. Her feet and hands look terrible! She can’t walk which makes the crazy number of bathroom trips because of the high rate of IV fluids lots of fun… And, she can’t write or draw to entertain herself because it hurts to hold the pencil or crayons… Thank goodness her fingertips are good – I’d hate to interfere with her texting and social life! šŸ™‚

Surprisingly, through all of this, Esme smiles at her nurses and her visitors and keeps her upbeat attitude! She is truly inspiring.