Esme’s counts are headed in the right direction, so she is getting discharged. Her platelets were really low last night so she got a unit of platelets. Leaving from here to head to Gainesville, FL for a surgical consult tomorrow.

The results from Esme’s CT and MRI came back. Her MRI showed a pathological fracture had developed in her arm. We have to be super careful not to let this crack turn into a through and through break, that will complicate her surgery and the rest of her chemo treatment. We have another surgery consult early next week before her next admission for MTX, so because of all of this, Esme and Maslin are going to miss the coastal trip they were supposed to go on with their school. We’ve reassured them that we would make it up to them and that they always have the coastal trip next year to look forward to.

Luckily the temperatures are in the 40s and the roads appear thawed, so it’s off to Gainesville we go!