Esme had a relatively good night, no throwing up at least. The IV phenergan allowed her to sleep for most of the night. Today wasn’t as good. No appetite, no food in her tummy, but nauseated. Even with antiemetics on board, she still threw up several times. And on top of that, her nose has been bleeding off and on. Hemoglobin and platelets are down from yesterday, I’m betting blood and platelets are coming soon. Trying to keep her as comfortable as possible. Mamo and Opa stopped by and brought a creme based caramel frappuccino (her favorite) and she was able to have a few sips. Now looking at the weather, I’m hoping we don’t have a repeat of our last discharge adventure.

Funny story – Esme and Maslin both have great taste in music – 80’s, hair metal, classic rock – you know, the good stuff! One day we were talking about blood and hemoglobin was mentioned. When she heard that, Esme started singing the beginning of Def Leppard’s Rock of Ages – Hema-globin gloutin-globin. If you know the song, you’ll understand.